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Invitation to the IEEE 2030.10 Standard WG

The IEEE 2030.10 standard focuses in setting a framework for the design, operations, and maintenance of DC microgrids for rural or remote applications.  There are task groups within the WG dealing with all aspects of this standard from equipment safety all the way to stakeholders’ concerns. I would deeply appreciate if you would volunteer for the Market Development Task Group, which I am chairing. Our work will be dealing mostly with:

  • Identifying DC microgrids applications around the world.
  • Determining the socioeconomic and technical conditions, which led to the design of such applications.
  • Gathering statistics for the equipment preferred.
  • Understanding installation procedures and collecting policies affecting the design of the applications.
  • Identifying similarities on conditions, equipment, procedures and policies across all DC microgrid applications as a roadmap for the standard.

If you are a member of the IEEE & interested to participate in this or some other of the Task Groups in this WG, please, contact Michael Kipness through this link.