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Elevated to the Senior Grade of IEEE membership

After half a dozen of years as a Student Member and then a couple as a Member, the IEEE has approved my elevation to the Senior Grade of membership. It is one of the most delightful feelings to be part of an awesome group of people across academia and industry worldwide, who share the same strong message “Advancing Technology for Humanity”. This message has defined the past 2 centuries (although inherent to the ever evolving human of the first tools) and will be responsible in shaping the best possible future.

I urge you to join the IEEE and feel free to Contact me for any assistance concerning your interest in the Institute.

Appointed Managing Editor of the IEEE Smart Grid Newsletter

IEEE Smart Grid Chair Prof. Massoud Amin and IEEE Smart Grid Newsletter Chair Dr. Ebrahim Vaahedi have appointed me Managing Editor of the IEEE Smart Grid Newsletter. This online publication features articles with the latest R&D results and applications on the Smart Grid. A whopping 19000-subscriber-base receives the Newsletter monthly, thus ensuring that the works presented there reach a broad and worldwide audience. This is an honor beyond what words can describe. I cordially and kindly invite you to contact me with article topics that you would like to publish in the IEEE Smart Grid Newsletter.

Invitation to the IEEE 2030.10 Standard WG

The IEEE 2030.10 standard focuses in setting a framework for the design, operations, and maintenance of DC microgrids for rural or remote applications.  There are task groups within the WG dealing with all aspects of this standard from equipment safety all the way to stakeholders’ concerns. I would deeply appreciate if you would volunteer for the Market Development Task Group, which I am chairing. Our work will be dealing mostly with:

  • Identifying DC microgrids applications around the world.
  • Determining the socioeconomic and technical conditions, which led to the design of such applications.
  • Gathering statistics for the equipment preferred.
  • Understanding installation procedures and collecting policies affecting the design of the applications.
  • Identifying similarities on conditions, equipment, procedures and policies across all DC microgrid applications as a roadmap for the standard.

If you are a member of the IEEE & interested to participate in this or some other of the Task Groups in this WG, please, contact Michael Kipness through this link.


IEEE Smart Grid White Papers on R&D

The IEEE Smart Grid, among its other activities, aims to clearly identify and promote the key topics of research and development in the field, in order to optimally engage with the stakeholders in the industry and academia. To this end, I am extremely delighted to announce the publication of the IEEE Smart Grid White Papers on R&D.

White Paper #1, titled “Overview – Scope, Goals, Challenges, Tasks and Guiding Principles” has been made available for comments and discussion on the IEEE Smart Grid website.

Voltage Regulation by a Virtual Power Plant

I am very pleased (and relieved…) to announce that my work on the Voltage Regulation of a distribution line by a Virtual Power Plant, co-authored with Prof. Georgilakis and Prof. Nikos, has been accepted for publication in the IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid. I feel silly proud about this, since it has been a purely unique concept of control, based on nothing similar presented previously on the topic. Feel free to contact me on comments and ideas: I’m positive that there is room for improvement to this!..


Synopsis: the idea relies on viewing generation & loads as point masses and counterbalancing their respective centers of mass along the distribution line.



Follow here any news that I think it could be interesting, leave your comments and/or your thoughts on developments and fun stuff I post, or arrange for us to meet and talk Smart Grid!..

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